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. . . your doorway to Higher Consciousness, Spiritual Healing, Growth and Evolution. Let us accompany you on your journey!


Our Mission

Divine Heart Ministries is a non-denominational, non-profit organization dedicated to helping individuals increase their spiritual connection and evolve to their full potential of Higher Consciousness.


Our mission is to accelerate the evolution of the Consciousness of Humanity. We provide specific, personalized and ongoing guidance to support individuals to make genuine spiritual progress.


Divine Heart Ministries was born as the result of over twenty years’ work and dedication by Rev. Lawrence J. Harris. To read the story, see About Us.


The work that we do is based in spirituality, honoring each person’s connection with Creator. We do not teach any form of religion.


The time of change is upon us. We are here to assist Humanity to evolve spiritually within the monumental changes that are occurring as Humanity shifts into Higher Consciousness. DHM has been equipped with knowledge and tools for navigating these immense changes and we have been guided to share this information. Evolution doesn’t happen automatically; it requires knowledge, effort and determination on the part of each individual.  It is our mission and joy to assist those who seek Higher Consciousness.





"We’re made up of Consciousness–that is the basis of our existence." 
~ Lawrence Harris

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